Sindeo was founded by Nick Stamos from eShare as an innovative online mortgage platform that aimed to make the home-buying process simpler and more efficient for consumers. It offered a variety of mortgage products and services, including pre-approval and mortgage rate comparisons. Sindeo also provided customers with a dedicated loan officer who could help guide them through the process of obtaining a mortgage. 

We helped by designing lots of elements to make this process as accessible and easy to understand as possible.
Print & Media
Website and Style
Like any startup, there is plenty of work bringing a consistent brand identity to every corner of the business. Some projects include creating an iconographic toolset for marketing teams and the development team. Others can involve creating assets for web marketing, social media, and events.

We would experiment with things like team portraits to personalize the brand while keeping within graphical standards. Startups demand market differentiation, so establishing corporate visual standards even for things like this becomes important.

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