From bold infographics to redesigning the corporate email and internal document designs, Bank of the West needed assistance transitioning its brand identity across all its worldwide organizations.

With 198,000 employees in over 73 countries, taking on the scope of work that would affect that many people on a day-to-day basis was both exhilarating and a bit terrifying. Tasked with designing the internal documents for a company that size, I immediately feared I could be the father of Bank of the West's dreaded TPS reports ala the movie Office Space.

Initially, Publicis Groupe completed the rebrand a few months before I was brought in to do an array of jobs large and small. They did an incredible job, with beautifully detailed corporate standards as they always do, but now their hard work had to transform EVERYTHING. It was time to roll up my sleeves and become an expert at applying these new BoF standards to everything I touched like Midas with a green touch!
It was an amazing opportunity to solve problems at scale while coordinating with incredible stakeholders from every level up to the C suite. 
Corporate Document Templates
One of the larger tasks for Bank of the West was redesigning the entire company's email templates, internal newsletters, and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates.
Homebuyer Book
​​​​​​​BotW brought us on to make a homebuying guide. Whether it's print or digital collateral, we'll rock it out.
Sometimes Pete needs a blog image or Sandra needs an infographic. We get it. Oh yeah, and tomorrow. No problem.

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